Frequently Asked Questions

Here under the FAQs you will find helpful answers for possible questions. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Travel price

Our prices depend on the size of the group, when the trip is taking place and the choice of youth hotel. We will happily calculate an individual price for you. The prices on our homepages are to be used as a guide.

How does the booking process work?

After your booking you will receive a confirmation of your reservation and our group registration form. This has to be filled in and signed before being returned (normally within two weeks) in order to confirm your booking. Upon receiving this information we produce a pro forma calculation.

Number of participants upon booking

If you are not able to finalise the number of participants at the time of booking, the trip can still be finalised by individual agreement.
It is generally possible to make adjustments to the number of participants at a later date.

How does the invoice work?

The deposit (a third of the total cost) must be paid no later than 3 months before the start of the trip. The remainder must be paid at the latest 2 weeks before the start of the trip.
After departure you will receive a final invoice including confirmation of overnight stays (only for Austrian schools).

Individual payment service (for schools)

For a one off payment of € 3,00 per student we are happy to take over the entire payment process including the final invoice and return remittance. We provide the group leader with a breakdown of costs as well as registration forms for parents. The students or parents then pay directly to our account. After departure we provide the group leader with a final invoice and final overview of the payments made per student.

Detailed information is available upon request.


We offer 100% protection. This applies to all groups needing to depart early due to illness or in the case of an accident and additionally for schools with regards to non-arrival.
The 100% insurance protection costs €2.50 per person/student (only possible for the whole group).

We do not offer medical or accident insurance.

Towels & bedding

Bed linen is available for all guests.
Towels are available in adults rooms.
Teenager and children are asked to bring their own towels.
For a fee we are happy to provide towels for all.

Cancellation Fees

In general we allow a 10% reduction in occupancy/participation. If this is exceeded the following terms of cancellation apply:

From 3 months before arrival: 30% cancellation fee
Up to 3 weeks before arrival: 60% cancellation fee
On the day of arrival (No Show): 100% cancellation fee

Aside from these terms, special agreements are possible when mutually agreed.

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