young austria Adventure Program

In summer and in winter, young austria offers a variety of exciting Adventure Programs. From educational programs to adventures with high ropes. You name it, we have it!

Inform yourself about all possible adventures:

Betreute Erlebnistage

Komplett betreut von young austria - Allround-Tage / Teamtage / Kennenlern- und Abschlusstage

Action & Outdoor

Professionally planned or spontaneously organised: Limitless freedom. Real adventure. Pure action and nature.

Adventure & Team

Attention! Experience exciting team adventures, thrilling action and nature.

Creativity & Variety

Painting, drumming, dancing, singing. Creative talents will be unleashed. Let yourself run wild and feel good.

Culture & Tradition

Here is the evidence: culture and farm adventures are fun.

Sport & Exercise

We are not top athletes in all disciplines. But our local professional sports partners are!

Career & Development

Professional support. Tips and tricks for your career.

Experience Languages

Learn new phrases- in English, Italian and French. Very Good! Molto bene! Très bien!

Nature & Science

More than just „watching grass grow“. Explore and experience nature. Exciting experiments and intriguing results.

Sea & Sun

3-2-1: First one in the water wins: swimming, sailing, surfing, beach volleyball. Sun and sand. Chilling out included.

ya! Specials

Top, trendy und varied. Something for everyone!   

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